* Friday morning I will be giving a presentation to the VA Nurses Association in New Orleans. Yep, you guessed it – talking about Soldiers’ Angels. I’m ready!

* After the lecture I head to DC for the Milblog Conference. I’m going to represent Soldiers’ Angels as the blog coordinator. And in case you didn’t know, I also run a Milblog called Hooah Wife and Friends. I love hanging out with this group of people – feel at home with them! Also looking forward to meeting my new friend Lily Burana (a great book to read).

* I need to talk to the conference coordinators about interfering with the Jazzfest schedule = LOL!

* My friend Chuck Collins from the Blackened Blues Band will be taking the mic for my radio show this week – he will do an awesome job! Please tune in this Saturday 9-10 AM central AM 690 WIST or live on your computer. Let me know how Chuck does!

* Join me in wishing luck to all my wonderful friends participating in the Face of America Bike Ride this weekend! This ride is for wounded soldiers, people who support them and is in honor of those who can’t ride. If you want to make a donation, Blake is hoping to reach his goal of $1,000 – click here!

* The people in Louisiana are so patriotic it is just amazing!!! We (Soldiers’ Angels Louisiana) asked for people to support the Marines coming home on May 2nd and the generosity has been overwhelming!

* Make sure to buy a copy of Ces Guerra’s book. He is my new show sponsor and I promise you, you will enjoy this fast-paced thriller!
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* You know I’ll be wired this weekend – it is a Milblog conference – LOL!

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