This post will be cryptic and to the point (that makes no sense – but hey – you get what you pay for).

Ups, downs, highs, lows and I’m not just talking about what happens to me if I don’t get my hormone pills (seriously, 1 day without and I may hurt someone). Life is a rollercoaster, each day is a continuous ride…yadayadayada….and yours truly realizes she is on a pretty damn good ride. Evaluating the bumps and figuring out which ones I can get over and which ones need to be run over, is a constant challenge. I used to work with a gal in Florida whose favorite expression was, “Like a small picket fence, I’ll get over it,” that sums up most things. If you know me by now, by damn hamster NEVER stops running on the wheel inside my head either. Thank goodness there is a lot of fluff in there and I’m not a genius, or I certainly be one that would remembered for going mad and chopping off an ear or something.

Last week I was cruising through life, analyzing lots of things and situations, the usual. I try and juggle as much as I can voluntarily and occasionally one ball gets thrown in that I didn’t anticipate. For me last week, it was a series of small bouncy balls and one medicine ball, one that involved another in distress. I handled it the best way possible at the time, but second guessed myself. It turned out OK in the end but it really threw this camper for a loop. Afterwards, I put my tiara on and was thankful that a much needed family weekend away was in order. We had a fabulous time and it helped me realize that I may have been sweating too many of the stupid bouncy balls lately. I should just crush them in my hands and deal with the medicine balls. I think the toughest thing in life (and we can all agree) is the things we have no control over. Yep, the hardest to take.

So…after a weekend of family, friends and sunshine…I once again have my head on straight and realize how wonderful my life is. Life is so short and precious and rewarding. My kids, my husband, my family, my friends (many who are like family), and my contributions to society are all that really matters. My friend told me last week that everything else with a career will fall into place for me soon, because of who I am and what I do. I won’t sweat that right now as that is probably a self-imposed bowling ball:)