photo-feed-3The pic is of my friend, local blogger and talk show personality Jeff Crouere and yours truly sitting in the new 2010 Ford Taurus (only 2 in the Country – I is special).

I previously wrote about the upcoming dinner with Ford and a bunch of area bloggers. Well….last night was the dinner at Mandina’s. So here we sit, 10 local bloggers, many meeting for the first time, Noah Mass a Ford Executive, Karen Untereker @unterekerless and Terry Benham who do PR for Ford. I got to invite 4 bloggers as did Chris Schultz (hey – he slipped in an extra) my co-chair for this Ford event.

Big kudos to Ford for using New Media (#fordtaurus is the Twitter tag) as part of their campaign to launch the 2010 Ford Taurus. I have to admit, the Taurus has always been the rental car you got stuck with. Let me tell you (and I’m not getting paid write this) that this is completely the rental car I’d be happy to have. If I wasn’t stuck in Mommy Van world and needed a decent car for commuting under 30K – I would consider this. It had pretty much all the bells and whistles of a decent car: USB, cool ambiance lighting, bluetooth, classy looking interior and exterior, optional sunroof, a nice and easy to read front panel. This car just felt safe! OMG – 13 yo son will need a car in 3 years and this is certainly one I would consider for him (in denial of the teen thing still). It had plenty of room (HUGE trunk with split seats for fishing poles, golf clubs etc..) and my bike. I sat in the bump in the back during the test drive through pothole New Orleans after some wine and dinner. I did not feel sick in the least bit — absolutely smooth as glass and quiet – most impressive (and lucky for everyone in the car)! Also, when shorty me adjusted the seat – it fit! Our old Infiniti had blind spots for me because I was too small to drive it. The new Ford Taurus meets all the safety standards in excess, it is American made and mostly MY TAX DOLLARS DID NOT go into a bailout for this company. Gotta give credit to Ford for sucking it up and being proud, moving forward and banking on a new product. On top of that, ecstatic that they realize little ole’ bloggers and twitterers like me have big mouths and can be an effective catalyst for helping to spread the word on their great product!

Maybe…just maybe…all this time on the computer blogging and on Facebook and Twitter is going to pay off for a lot of us who have been in the game for a long time! Lord I hope so!!

NOLA bloggers in attendance:
Chris Schultz @csschultz, Ed Branley @yatpundit, Jeff Crouere @jeffcrouere, Charlotte Ash @charlotteash, Nola Notes @nolanotes, Jeff Madison @thejeffmadison @coolhandnuke, Erickha Lehman @erikalehman, Justin Shields @curioustribe, Tiffany Starnes @tiffanystarnes, Chris Johnston @techchris, Brian Bordainick @9wfieldofdream

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