It is Saturday morning and I’m sitting in my room in Club Quarters having some coffee and thinking about how to write and do justice to my experiences thus far on this trip.

Thursday Night: I arrive at the hotel around 9:30 and as I’m passing to hit the elevator, hear the distinct voice of Matt Burden aka Blackfive. Quickly drop the stuff in my room and rush down for some food and a beer. We are joined by Leta – aka Tanker Babe. I probably will do an entire post on her later to honor this great and most amazing American. We are served by the coolest bartender named Krishna who actually had listened to my radio show and knew about Tales of the Cocktail. The most hysterical part is that he had never heard of Blackfive (made for some fun ribbing for the evening). And after I Facebooked friended (are those real words?) I find out he was a wounded Veteran. He sends us to another bar where we meet up with Genevieve Chase (who also deserves an entire entry) and is the founder of American Women Veterans.

Will write more later as I have a lot of ground to cover and need to get going to Bethesda Medica Center.

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