If you have been following my Louisiana Military Roundups, you will notice lots of links about Bobby’s Tour de Louisiana, passing out the Louisiana Honor Medal. We are only one of 2 states offering these and that in itself is very cool. As to how Bobby spends his time and if he is being an effective Governor – is an ongoing debate – jury still out. The Old River Road has been tracking Bobby’s whereabouts for some time and is very critical of his frequent flier miles.

From the T-P

The Louisiana Honor Medal is gold-plated and comes with a blue ribbon. One side shows the state of Louisiana with “United States” embossed above and “Armed Forces” below. The other side bears the words, “Louisiana appreciates your service to our country.”

Veterans who sustained a wound in battle receive an honor medal designated by a silver star and a purple ribbon. Families of veterans who were killed in action will receive an honor medal designated by a gold star and a gold ribbon.

Personally, honoring the Veterans and the families of our fallen (I watched him present this award to Gold Star Mothers – without press) is something we should applaud him for. Just today he was in St. Tammany (and somehow I missed it – d’oh) presenting more of these.

I was going to post the most disgusting comments that were attached to this article on NOLA.com (my original reason for posting this). But, as luck would have it, they were removed just as I was copying them!

My point is, don’t knock Bobby for doing this, take stabs at him for other stuff if you wish. This is something these men and women deserve and we should not play politics with this topic. My 2 cents FWIW

The Louisiana Honor Medal application and guidelines can be found here.