Update: Podcast is up.

PTS/PTSD, Louisiana News & a Veteran’s non-profit sound like the perfect combination for another successful radio show this Saturday. Yay me – for packing everything I love into one hour!

The top of the hour I’ll be interviewing Janet & Tony Seahorn, authors of Tears of a Warrior. I met the Seahorns at the Military Order of the Purple Heart Convention last month. They are truly committed to helping others while sharing a combination of: Tony’s personal story from combat, their story of living with PTSD in their family and an abundance of scientific and practical knowledge. Do not miss their amazing blog either. I was very glad to read Janet’s recent post where she has decided that that she is probably no longer going to refer to it as PTSD anymore, but PTS. Janet writes, “I no longer choose to call this a “disorder”. It seems to me the more I learn and understand this phenomenon, the more I believe that PTS(D) is the minds/body’s incredibly creative way to deal with an unusually horrendous life event.”

I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who has, knows someone who has or wants to get a better understanding on PTS/PTSD.

My second guest is the ever-entertaining and news generating, Chad Rogers of The Dead Pelican. Louisiana news is never boring and Chad will bring us up to speed on the important as well as stupid stories of the day/week.

For the non-profit portion of the show, Veteran’s Airlift Command will be featured. This is a wonderful organization and I’m honored to have Walt Fricke, their Chairman, CEO and Founder on the show.

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