Yes, the title is a Seinfeld reference – LOL.

This past weekend I spoke to Louisiana National Guard State Family Support Conference and discussed blogging a bit. I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now and I have ALL kinds of stuff out there. Lord, help me! Now, here is the kicker, I would also like to work for them as a civilian. Well, if they want to know anything about me – it is pretty much out there on the teh interents. Good, bad or indifferent. When most people meet me in “real life” they are amazed that I am the same in person, though many tell me that I appear bigger on teh internets – HAHA!

I’m Twittering, Facebook”ing,” blogging, on forums, chatting, in Google Groups and writing and answering emails all day long – texting too. Just call me Miss Electronic Communication. Awesome – sure – 99% 95% of the time. Once in a while there are problems. It is normal, or at least we have to assume it is. Someone is eventually going to to take something you wrote the wrong way, or as I refer to it as, it will be “Lost in internet translation.” Now, as for my blogging – too bad – once it is out there – not changing it for you. I may post an update if I’m wrong or something, but I don’t delete stuff because I hurt someone’s feewings. But let’s talk about communication and not blogging. Here are a few examples of things that might go wrong:

* You give a short answer while you are running out the door and someone views it as rude.
* You thought your reply was hysterical and the other person missed the boat completely.
* You did not clearly state your intent and pissed someone off by asking them a confusing question.
* “I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”
* Ohhh – and the worst – you had a couple of drinks and your electronic “keys” were not taken away

This list could go on and on all day. Because, face to face, we are going to have different dilemmas than on-line. The worst part about electronic problems is that you may not always know the other person took it the wrong way because you could not see their face.

I have 2 tips (and I still will fumble – human nature) about how to avoid electronic communication problems:

* avoid being too wordy or too short – good luck finding that balance
* don’t drink and drive your electronics

Sorry, no magic answers here! What – you thought you would read this post and be able to train your office on how to communicate better? NOT! You get what you pay for. Hey – maybe I could start charging people for my advice. LOL!