Had to mix a little Mandeville, LA politics in here. If you did not know, my Mayor FINALLY resigned (pretty sure part of plea bargain with the Feds). Ya, the title is my Dirty Dancing reference (RIP Patrick Swayze). Well, yours truly attended the Mandeville (sly, last minute on a holiday, try to slip in your pal as interim Mayor) City Council meeting Monday night. Apparently, 3 members (Jerry, Carla & Adelaide) had met about having this meeting in a hurry and getting their pal (allegedly) in office for the temporary position ASAP.

Many of the people who I worked on the recall effort with were present for this meeting as well as many concerned citizens and the media. There were basically 2 things to be covered: 1. what dates would they collect resumes for and when would they hold the next meeting to select and 2. when was the special election. Easy…right? Nope – it is was blatantly obvious that if it were not for their positions, some of them would not be on each other’s Christmas card lists.

Trilby put the “Gang of 3’s” hopes and dreams to rest of sliding someone in that night by reading a long and sensible speech that would have made the rest of the council look like complete idjiots if they tried this move (news and a full house may have helped too). You see, the only way people knew about this meeting on Columbus Day (when City Hall was closed) was because of the local news media.Trilby has cajones, I’ll give her that. But, she is a politician and also did this to show the people that she has Mayor potential, which is her ultimate goal. I would love to see a clean house thing across the board, but that will never happen. My official statement is on the first hyperlink.

You have until Wednesday at 4:00 to drop your resume off and the meeting for selection will be Saturday at 1:00. So far the name leaked as the gang of 3’s pick is the only one in the mix. Oh ya – and if you do the interim gig – you can’t run in the election in March (which I think is waaay stoooopid).

Anyhoo, for about 20 seconds of a Facebook post, I thought of putting my name in the hat. Then I realized that I don’t have a lot of friends on the council. Many have read or know about this little ole’ blog and then there was that whole recall effort of the Mayor thing. They’d laugh me out the door. Well, whoever gets in can go appoint their pal as police chief and then they better dot their i’s and cross their t’s as they will be under a Federal microscope.