Help get the New Orleans Veteran’s Day Parade back up to pre-Katrina attendance!

When: Friday November 13th
Where: Superdome Plaza Level by Vietnam Memorial Statue
Time: 9:30 ceremony followed by a street parade
Route: Veterans_Day_Parade_2009

The Veteran’s Day National Committee, Department of Veterans Affairs selected New Orleans as a Regional Site for the observance of Veterans Day 2009. The celebration has been scheduled for November 13, 2009 at 9:30 AM mustering at the Vietnam Memorial Statue, New Orleans Superdome Plaza Level. The Greater New Orleans Veterans Council would like to have a representative from each service organization and each branch of service on the podium for opening remarks. Please contact the coordinators Isaac Gilliard at, or JJ Witmeyer at to confirm who your representatives will be or with questions. Military units are requested to advise the coordinators if they can participate in the parade following the presentations.