Thumbs up for being military supporters!

Last year, I was approached by Wizard 101 as a Milblogger. They wanted to initially reach out to the military community with this game and sent me this email (along with a trial subscription):

One of the great things we’ve been seeing since the launch of Wizard101 is how families are using it to spend quality time with each other across distance, and we’re excited about the implications for military families. Although your husband is no longer in the military, I know you are still involved in the military community via your blog, and we’d love for your family to check out the game free of charge and let us know what you think. It’s a fun way to interact with long-distance grandparents, as well. And if anyone else on your blog team might be interested, please let me know!

Wizard101 is a colorful, friendly, kid-safe world, with a card-based combat system (similar to Pokemon) and a rich storyline that introduces players to Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts and engages them in saving a fractured world as they hone their magical skills.

My 11 yo son has continued to be a big fan of this game and plays with many of his friends on-line. Today he asked my husband for his .mil address. They are offering special codes for children who can provide a .mil address of their parent in honor of Veteran’s Day. I just hope they don’t spam my hubby (I am confident they will not as they don’t send mass emails).