I have been a vegetarian since I was 12 (I’m 41 now). My Grandmother was convinced it was just a phase, just like my purple hair (no more purple hair at least). Being a vegetarian is just a way of life – something I don’t think twice about. For the past 5 years, social media and being on-line has been part of my life too. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t Twitter, Facebook or blog something. I do however, have a couple of on-line rules I follow:

1. Never put my kids faces on the web.
2. Never give my location if it could put me in any danger.
3. Do not announce when my family is out of town.

I was just away for a week to Boston and did not announce publicly that I was there until the last day. It drove me insane not to tell my network of friends (esp. my Boston friends) on Facebook that I was there, share a picture from the Science Museum or blog about New England. Heck, I made a video while there but did it inside my parents house and skipped the outside scenery. Some of my friends almost gave it away, but I told them the deal. Anyhoo, it is better to be safe and refrain for the week (no matter how difficult it is) if your dog, 4 cats, gerbil and house sitter are there alone.

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