Being a long time Milblogger, I get all kinds of stuff sent to me about supporting the troops. Well…this video I received this morning, brought chills down my spine. “We Will Remember Them” is a star-powered collaborative project similar to “We Are the World.” It was recorded int he UK, so I don’t hardly recognize anyone, except the US’s Michael Bolton. But no matter, the song is beautifully done and I love the fact that there are some drummers in uniform in the video. Now according to this article, the BBC is not embracing this song. Go checkout the website for the song and also the UK non-profit Help for Heroes, who will receive the proceeds from this great song. All our men and women fighting this war deserve nothing but the best. Non-profits like these fill the gaps the government can’t fill. They put their lives on the line for us, supporting them is the least we can do!

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