I’m dog watching my sister-in-laws pup while she settles in to her new home. The only kicker is that Rhiannah, was due to have puppies. Last night I was chihuahua midwife as was up up with her while she was in labor. She was a pain in the butt and wanted a ton of attention at 2:30 AM and then her labor kicked in at 3:30. I camped on the floor next to her and finally fell asleep as she rested in between contractions. I woke up at 6 to the squeaky sound of 2 pups. Looks like #midwifeFAIL! About 7:30 my daughter and I were cooing over the pup and out popped the third one. My first time watching a dog give birth and clean up after themselves – fascinating. I’ve been Nervous Nellie all day as it seems the runt is getting rejected. Keep latching her on and watching what happens.
The answer to hubby and the kids is NO PUPPIES (in case you were wondering). The last thing I need is another critter (1 stupid dog, 1 stinky gerbil, 1 sick & aging cat, 1 special needs cat, 1 obese cat & 1 aloof cat)!!!