MLK has always inspired me and his “I have a Dream” speech still makes chills run down my spine. I’ll let you in on a little secret – I’m a bit of a dreamer too (shhh don’t tell anyone). Thought I’d share my dreams about #militarymon (on Twitter and beyond) with you.

If you were not aware, yours truly @kissmygumbo am the co-founder of #militarymon along with Carson Daly @carsonjdaly. We created this to recognize and honor our men and women in uniform, veterans, our fallen heroes and military families. The bonus stuff that has springboarded from this “movement” is, military non-profits, veterans groups, civic groups that support the military and businesses that either support the military directly or give special discounts to the troops, are participating. It also gives so many people the opportunity to express their appreciation for the troops in their tweets. Though we have never trended (long story with no good answers & not for lack of trying), #militarymon is here to stay!

OK ….so what is my wish, my dream for the future of #militarymon?

Well….it would be wonderful if #militarymon not only got to be a bigger movement on-line (Facebook & Twitter), but if businesses and people all over the USA (world would be great too) did something extra every Monday for the troops, their families and our veterans. Each week people could donate something to a military non-profit, visit a Veteran’s home, give a special discount if you own a business or just stop and say thank you to a neighbor who served. I would love this to be HUGE! Are you with me???

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