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I can’t believe this is the fifth Milblog conference and I’ve been to all of them! An exciting weekend awaits in DC. Andi Hurley has gone over the top to make the 5th one extra special. As of today, the conference is SOLD OUT! That is soooo exciting! So here is a lowdown of my schedule:

Thursday: I Will arrive at the Westin Arlington around 4:00 after a stupid-ass haul from BWI (cheaper and direct from New Orleans). My pal CJ Grisham will not be able to attend and Troy Steward and Marcus Penn are graciously allowing me to go on air with them. I will be on from 6:00-8:00 PM central. Should be fun! You can listen live HERE – also chat on-line!

Friday: I’ll be getting up early to work out. Volunteering in the AM to help and off to the Pentagon for a special 2 hours (can’t wait for that). Friday night is a big shindig with talks, cocktails, food Saving Abel playing and then I need to get some shut-eye.

Saturday: Rise and shine for the conference. I will be moderating the social media panel from 9:30-10:30 ET and you can watch it and the whole conference live HERE.

After that…will try and stay out of trouble, see some cherry blossoms, do some tourist stuff and fly home Sunday night. Can you tell I’m excited???

And you know what I love best about all this? That all the folks in attendance are the most quality people in the world. I am honored to call so many of them my dear friends!

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