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Thanks to my friend Maja Stevanovich, I am new Saving Abel fan. On March 4th they livestreamed a USO concert. She works in music promotion and this is one of her bands – so of course I would tweet the event with her when she asked. Yep – LOVED THEM!!! Mudville Gazette has a post up about their USO Tour. Well….shhhh….but Maja let me in on a secret early on that they wanted to perform at the Milblog – on their own dime. Now I not only loved their music – but them as well. So….here I am in DC with all my dearest Milblog friends in the world (a few were missing) and right in front of us, we have our own private Saving Abel performance (and I knew many of the songs already)!!! It was freaking amazing! Maja’s post about their private Milblog concert is here. The guys stuck around for pictures, signed CDs and yours truly is now hooked on them …maybe “addicted.”

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