If you know me at all, there is soooo much irony about me and Southern Living in the same sentence. I can’t cook to save my life, I can kill a cactus (done it) and I spent the fist 22 years of my life North of the Mason Dixon Line. My brother-in-law bought me a subscription for several years, and well…though a fine publication, it was soooo out of my league.

Well….as of yesterday it happened. Greta and Southern Living came together. Heck, the Saints won the Superbowl…miracles can happen! There was a tweet put out from @Southern_Living saying, “We’re looking for a Southern mom blogger who writes about being part of a military family.” @aafromaaa put my name in the tweet and it just took off like wildfire. Nobody knew what it was for, but my name kept getting retweeted and I was truly overwhelmed with all the Twitter love.

After working out this morning, I see an email from Southern Living asking for a picture as the article was almost done and would be up in a bit. Whoooa very cool. As soon as I sent the picture, the post was up and I am just “tickled (or insert favorite Southern expression here)” with it. Glad this article brought a little attention to the on-line military community and #militarymon.

My friend Nikki left this on my Facebook wall,

“Greta you are one carpetbagger that we southern born types will always accept as one of ours… = )

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