As an expert in social media, following all the latest news on Facebook is a must for me. I spend a lot of time on there both personally and for businesses we represent at Yatmedia. But…do I trust Facebook? The answer is…not really. It is what it is, a valuable tool for: networking, reconnecting, promoting and sharing information. The thing about Facebook, is that we have very little control over it. We are just guests there (for free now). There have been numerous problems with security of personal information, chats etc… It can go down at a whim but rarely does. It can have bad days too. You all know what I’m talking about…gremlins that eat posts or don’t allow you to post or comment. And all the boxes we have worked so hard creating for clients – may be gone soon -UGH! Facebook is very much in the drivers’s seat and we are along for the ride.

That being said, Facebook is a valuable tool and there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON a business should not be on there. However, just being on there is not the way to go. You need to have an angle, a reason, you should embrace and nurture your clients and maybe offer them valuable information or discounts for “Liking” your page.

As a caveat, do not write anything on your profile, in a Facebook chat or on a Facebook message that you do not want the world to see or know about. And please, if you have children on Facebook…check their privacy settings at least once a week!

We would love to create, manage or teach you how to get the most out of Facebook. Contact and let’s discuss!

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