The longer we are on Facebook, the smaller the world gets, the more problems we face. I think it can be a wonderful addition to our personal lives, but can also be problematic at times. Recently, I was the guest speaker at a college class regarding social media and advertising. One of the students had a personal/professional Facebook question that gave me pause about the world and social media for the up and coming generations. After all – I did not grow up with social media. She asked, “How do you handle people that friend request you when you do not want to be their friends. I work in a bank and my customers friend request me. I have ignored their requests but one customer was very offended I did not accept his request.”

I paused for a moment and replied, “Facebook is your world, you have every right to let in only who you want. It is harder to remove people from your Facebook world once they are in than to prevent them from entering.” I think she was very relieved with my answer. So please be choosy with who you let in, depending how you use your personal Facebook . And by all means…feel free to kick anyone out of your world that causes you problems or stress. You can unfriend, block them or simply remove them from your Newsfeed timeline so you do not have to deal with seeing them.

This Dilbert strip is worth a look!!!
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