Since I have been getting a lot of hits here lately for “Real Housewives of New Orleans,” I thought I’d write about it. First off, I am a HUGE fan of Real Housewives: Beverly Hills, NY, NJ, OC, Miami (meh) and Atlanta. My husband says these are the most ridiculous shows as he passes by me watching them and makes excuses to sit with me to see what the girls are up to. He even re-named our cat Peanut, “Pinot Grigio” after Ramona. But please do not tell him I told you this as someone may question his manhood -LOL! has written about it and word on the street says it has already been filmed and is ready to roll. I will probably cringe at the characters, but hope…crossing fingers…the show highlights some of the wonderful and unique things that make New Orleans the best city in the world.

And why do I love these shows? Because I am pretty normal and happy and at the end of the day need to shut my brain of. This somehow works.

For those wondering, The Princess of Positive, yours truly, was never even a glimmer in the producers’ eyes. I am simply too boring, do not live beyond my means, live outside the city, and am not catty. My love of high heels alone probably would not have sealed the deal for me:)

A gossipy post about it here . And nope…nada on Bravo yet . And nothing on Wiki either.

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