I am learning so much about Alzheimer’s and am always thinking what it might be inside dad’s head. Sometimes he is able to express his frustrations, other times he goes with the flow and sometimes he gives subtle hints. Many with experience with it informed me that there will be good days and better ones, good mornings and not so good afternoons….that the person can change their mood at the drop of a hat – the entrance of a new person, a change in their routine, when they are tired…whatever. And I tell you…that was the best advice I was ever given as I do not stress if we are having a small bump in thee day. If he has a rough moment, we switch gears and often the next moment is good. I am sure there is plenty of scientific reasoning to the patterns of brain waves firing, but I don’t need to know that to know things change on a daily basis. Of course, so much of Alzheimer’s and the brain is still a mystery or there would be freaking cure by now. I love by, “It is what it is,” and we are enjoying every second with Dad or “Zaydeh” as my kids and now all the kids in the neighborhood refer to him as.

2 movies come to mind with dad:
50 First Dates – because even though we have a pretty strict routine, sometimes things are brand new to him.
Groundhog Day: because I have tried to create a Groundhog Day type of life for him so pretty much he does the same thing every day.