***Note – updated links on bottom

Not all people spend as much time on the web as I do. I have collected a variety of links that I highly recommend you check out before you vote this Saturday. Educate yourselves and make the best decisions you can!

Coroner: here and here

Parish Councilman: here

Assessor (previous post with video by me): here

Credit Card Abuse (drinking, dining on our dime – multiple candidates): here, here, here, here

Assessment and tax issues (current assessor and multiple parties): here

Questionable voting: here

PDF file posted (can’t validate sources or info) on state Senator (PDF) here

Public Record Audit (assessor) (PDF) here

Public Record Audit (City of Mandeville) (PDF) here

Unfair property taxes by Assessor for Sheriff and others: here, here, here, here

Campaign Reports, expenses and donors: here

Legislative Audit Reports (yearly) here

Assessor candidate forums: here and here

Coroner Forum: here

Updated 7:22 (can’t validate source or info) here (PDF)
Updated 9:30 Council District 7: here, here and here

****Thanks to those on the NOLA.com forums for posting these links. I will be happy to update this post with additional links.