Competing in a Warrior Dash has been on my bucket list for a while. Of all weeks to get the crud – UGH! I was training pretty hard up until Monday of this week, then boom, no energy, and the little virus congested me up. Decided to not worry about trying to work out through this illness, but to lie low (if that is possible), Zinc it up and drink lots of liquids.

Off I head to Jackson, coaxing my oldest to get some “permit driving hours” so mama can chill. I am running it with my friend and he swears he will help me through the obstacles. The running part, even in the mud should not be that bad as I am in running shape, but not so sure about the 12 obstacles as I am not strong at the moment.

And techno-geeek me is very excited they offer an App that allows Twitter and Facebook updates and pictures when I cross the finish line…and I will! It is going to be a cold and rainy morning, but I’m ready Hooah!