Actually…I kind of don’t really mean, “Momcation…all I ever wanted.” But, it was what I truly NEEDED. It has been 6 months since my Dad passed on Jan 8th and since his passing, I have not really stopped to totally decompress. I started my new company Kickify on February 1st… and life has been crazy but amazing since then. I LOVE my family, first and foremost. We went on a family vacation to Universal Studios in February and it was fabulous. After talking to hubby and getting his blessing, I cashed in some frequent fliers…and headed to Florida – all by myself! Checked into the hotel on Thursday late at night, planning 3 whole days of beach (my favorite thing). I ended up visiting with 2 friends a little bit on this trip and that made it even more awesome. Slept more than my normal regimen, read the trashy Fifty Shades of Grey (fun but painful writing to endure) and just RELAXED! No kids to tend to, nobody telling me they were bored, no decisions to be made for plans. It was spectacular!!! We all need alone and “down” time, now and again! Go ahead…book yours today or if you know a busy Mom, encourage her to go for a “Momcation.” And no….this is not the same as a girl’s weekend!

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