Well…it came…I went…I wore a tutu and pigtails…I got messy…I had a great time. Then again, I always have fun:) But, I hate to say (don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer), but it was one of those…been there done that, don’t need to do it again things. A check off my bucket list and a chance to take some really cool pictures with my pals:)

Below is a picture of me trying to do some social media before the race. 3G was not my friend but I at least got a Foursquare check in. and below that the starting line. This picture was actually taken in the line as it was all over the place!

Back when The Color Run was first advertised, my friend suggested we make a team and enter. Yep, we were “Naughty Northshore.” She ordered team tutus, we gathered for biscuits and Bloody Marys (I stuck with coffee) and we looked as silly as we could be. When we arrived, we were greeted with a massive SEA of white; white wigs, white shirts, some white masks and several shades of NOLA normal accessories (we have our own scale of normal). I’m a runner, but decided it would be a lot more fun to walk with my chicas.

There was a rolling start every so often from 9-10 and it seemed kind of like organized chaos. There were also baby strollers among the madness (no pets). What I envisioned and what was reality were a little different. First off, this is not a race to run. Think of it like a casual jog/walk or better yet…a stroll opportunity. The color is not sprayed on you by blowers as you run by, but by people holding squirt bottles. So if you were running and wanted color, you literally had to stop in line to get it. At the very end, you were supposed to keep your packet of color that you were given upon registration, to throw up in synch with everyone. The finish line was really jammed up, so all us silly girls took that opportunity to dump our packets on each other. There was no alcohol or food at the end, only music…so hate to say it..but no reason to stay. We headed on home and all decided we had fun, had a nice walk on a beautiful day, enjoyed time together but see no need to do this again. A little different feeling than the Warrior Dash, which I can’t wait to do again for the third time.

The Mardi Gras Color Run should be fun and I expect a whole lot of crazy as it is the same day as Endymion!