OK OK…I get it, this post is being done AFTER Mardi Gras. Tough…my Mardi Gras posts are still my top Google hits year after year! Besides, who has time to do anything but have fun, put up a FB post or Tweet when you you are having a blast?

To absolutely crack you up, I’ll let you in on a little secret…come closer…closer. Before we moved here in 2007, I knew absolutely nothing, nada, zilch about Mardi Gras. I actually thought everything took place on just one day with one parade (true story). You see, Carnival Season is a long season that ends on Fat Tuesday with tons of parades leading up to, as well as taking place that day. Fat Tuesday is technically Mardi Gras Day (the day before Ash Wednesday), so shoot me if I still refer to everything as Mardi Gras. And FYI, I now have 4 large tubs of Mardi Gras decorations!

A little know fact to much of the outside world (thanks Joe Francs and Girls Gone Wild), parade floats (with few exceptions) can’t fit on Bourbon Street and LOCALS do not take their tops off for beads! Of course, looking your best for a men’s Krewe may get you some more beads, but kids score plenty too! Heck I have to fight with my kids for good throws! And yes, my poor kids get dragged to parades with me every year as Mama LOVES parades (2 like them & one hates them -hubby says he hates them but has fun)!!!

This post started as I was sent this super-cute Mardi Gras inspired shoes as a promotional thing from HalloweenCostumes.com. They are precious and hopefully we will attend a ball next year so I can wear them (we skipped this year). But…I personally would not wear them to parade.

Sooo…what should you wear (I know…about time I got to that part of the post). Usually you do not just get out of your car, watch a parade and get back in. Parading can last for the day or evening or even evening into the day. If you are driving, you will most likely have to walk a loooong way to avoid parade routes and to have an exit strategy. And of course, there is that whole weather thing too! Fact of the matter is…anything goes for parades!!!!

Below were my bargain boots I wore to several parades and Mardi Gras events. You can’t get enough purple, green and gold (colors of Mardi Gras). Heels are not comfortable for a long day with a ton of walking or parading!

My main parading pals this year (Toni and Christina – I’m in the middle) wore these silly blinking headbands I bought for the gang. They got lots of attention from the floats at night and we were pummeled with stuff (I even had a goose egg to prove it)! We bought hair chalk, but 100% of rain every day made us hesitant to use it this year.


Ali (below), handmade this AMAZING costume for Mardi Gras Day. She looks flawless! Bravo! I’ve never been one to get into costumes, but next year may be a first for me (hint hint Ali).

Gore-Tex and boots were my friend for some of the parades this year (crazy weather as flip-flops one day & purple boots the others). I wore pigtails and was as dorky looking as possible. Note to self…less good throws looking unglamorous, but hey I was warm and managed to stay out for about 8 hours that day to enjoy parades!

Of course my hubby’s adorable cousin, shamed all us locals. She hit up thrift stores before her first Mardi Gras and had an entire purple, green and gold wardrobe! She got sooooo many throws!!!!

This eyesore was seen on Mardi Gras day. Geesh…some people will use any excuse to look ridiculous LOL! But he was having a blast

***Ali – who is featured in costume can be found here.