It’s been about a year and a half  since I’ve I assumed the role of becoming the, “Reluctant Teetotaler,” and also, “Uber Greta” (my nickname for myself) (for which I have mixed reviews from MANY an annoying backseat driver/passengers – hubby included). Last week an old friend asked me jokingly, when I joined the Taliban (referring to my non-drinking) – hysterical! I’ve had a few drinks over the year and a half, so I did stray from being a teetotaler – but it was not worth it. Has my life changed without alcohol in it? Sure – but not for the worse – but it has changed. 

The sad part is, feeling the need to explain myself as people jump to all kinds of conclusions when someone does not drink. Not that I’m one that really cares what other people think (nor should anyone) – I’m 50 now and could give truly give a rat’s patootie what other think about me! Sure – people wonder if  I have/had a drinking problem. It’s really none of anyone’s business. But, somehow just to clear the air – I often justify it (or my hubby does), by explaining  it’s a migraine problem. The fact of the matter is, one drink can spin me into about a 5 day bender of headaches. Actually, the only time I have had a drink is if I’m already on a migraine bender and on medication. I feel for those who don’t drink for other reasons as it awkward to be asked repeatedly in one sitting at a restaurant –  if I’m ready for that drink now.

The picture shown in this blog post is when I decided to play Russian Roulette on our 24th anniversary this past July. I decided to take my Uber cap off that night and have a couple of glasses of wine and that extra fancy drink to top it off after (as I was feeling good). Five days later I reminded myself that it was a horrible game!  However, we did have a great time – but would have had equally as much fun without the alcohol – good food, company, and a reason to celebrate.  

I still would like to think I’m a pretty fun person to be around (at least I convince myself of that). Heck – I went on a cruise with a group of friends and family to celebrate my 50th and had a blast and did not drink. So for all those whose life revolves around drinking –  think again, whether the alcohol fuels the good time or you do. And for the record, in my adult years, I’ve really only been an occasional social drinker. 

I’m getting the best care for my migraines, with the best drugs out there. I one day hope to be able to enjoy a glass of wine, or a nice cocktail with friends over dinner. That would be just enough for me. Until then – I’m fine being on the wagon of life happiness! I’m truly blessed to have such a wonderful life!!!