I’ve written 1,000 posts in my head since I started blogging again (my 2nd post after a looong hiatus). I was never sure if my emotions and head space for that day would give my thoughts justice. Excuse me for my ramblings ahead of time…as there is a lot in my little head that I need to get out.

10/7 If you think that the brutal murders, kidnapping and rapes of innocents in Israel have not impacted EVERY JEW in the world, you would be mistaken. I’m not the same person I was on 10/6 – it is not humanly possible. I’ve personally found it very challenging trying to be the best version of myself, while remaining positive and hopeful for a world that is showing us so much wrong. I’m as consumed with the news and social media as I was during the Iraq War.

Let’s face it…there are BAD PEOPLE and EVIL in this world – always have been and always will be.

Since 10/8 what we have all witnessed, is evil puppet masters spinning their story as planned. Many years prior to 10/7 they carefully infiltrated the minds of the young through shadow non-profits and “cause” clubs. All this was done with the intention to make Israel and the Jews a scapegoat and perceived as evil through early infiltration and indoctrination. We are all living in a massive propaganda campaign. The evil have preyed on those looking to fit in. They easily pulled in those who already have hate in their heart and feel they are superior by some means. They tugged on the emotions by spinning their narrative to the mainstream media. They took advantage of having the upper hand of social media algorithms. They have guided the world on a campaign of misinformation to achieve their agenda of turning people against the Jews and Israel.

The relatable story of kidnapped, murdered and raped young “concert goers” should have opened up the hearts of the world! Babies killed for just being Jewish should have outraged EVERY human! The Me Too movement should have gone into high gear! Sadly, instead the media frenzy unfurled making Israel the bad guy and somehow the innocents deserving of what happened. If you have not woken up yet and feel this is about land – you need to do your homework. If you think the hate and antisemitism fueled today is organic, you would be mistaken. This has been years in the making and came to a head as we have witnessed, beginning 10/8.

I am just a Jew – what flavor doesn’t matter. During the Holocaust it didn’t matter – you were a Jew.

I am a Zionist – period. I have never been to Israel (my youth scheduled trip was cancelled due to health reasons) – but I am a Zionist! I believe in democracy and that Israel has the right to exist! I had a childhood collection of certificates that were for planting trees in Israel. I am connected as part of my being. In my own naiveté – I did not even consider there could be Jew on this planet that wasn’t a Zionist (very few & of course the ones the media interviews). But then again, there are people that walk amongst us that believe the world is flat, so I should not be surprised.

As far as antisemitism – well, sadly this doesn’t surprise me. To this level – well it is complex. I had to dig from my brain database to recall several incidents throughout my life that I actually experienced. Ouch!

Being two or more things at the same time seems to be a tough concept for many to grasp but shouldn’t be. For instance you can be pro-Israel and feel sorry for the innocents who are used as human shields. Life isn’t black and white in every circumstance and there is plenty of room for gray here.

Being confrontational is not my nature, though I do have opinions! As I’ve aged (maybe matured too), I realize that moving straight ahead on my own path and allowing others to do their own thing, is the best strategy for my personal happiness. Silence is never an option when things are horribly wrong – but persuading the horribly misguided, especially when they are grown-ass adults, is energy I don’t have.

I had a recent internal struggle when my little city had their first Pride parade. I was so excited about this event and wanted to get behind it 100% and attend. Then a sideshow broke out with the “Free Whatever” movement being part of it. It just tainted the whole concept of celebrating LOVE when in fact – that movement celebrates HATE and ANTISEMITISM! Mixing love and hate is like a casserole with ingredients you hate mixed with ones you love. Pass! With a large social media presence, I’ve only “unfriended or unfollowed” a very tiny handful. I know many of these people are not hateful, but misguided. Maybe one day they will wake up and realize they were on the wrong side of history (hopefully sooner than later).

Being Unapologetically Jewish is the winner here! At this point in my life, caring what other people think about me is not something that even glosses my thoughts. I proudly wear my Star of David or Chai jewelry. If someone wants to have a conversation or discuss things with me in a civil manner – fine.

Will I quietly stand on the grounds of Tulane to support the Jewish students? YES!

Will I stand on the the Louisiana state steps with an Israeli flag at an antisemitism rally? YES!

Will I keep snooping around for local antisemitic activity in my backyard. YES!

Will I pass out Israeli flags to interrupt the first local Pride parade that included a “Free Whatever” group present? NO (though I thought about it)! A BIG Shame on you to the organizers for going astray with their efforts. HATE SHOULD NOT BE PART OF THE LOVE MESSAGE!

Being reasonable and educated on something complex beyond what you are being spoon-fed is unfortunately beyond so many. My hope is that someday, the “Free Whatever” crowd will realize that they their message should have been “Free Whatever from the EVIL!” Being on the right side of history – that is what matters at the end of the day! But what do I know? After all…I’m just a Jew!

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