If I had to have a shot of tequila every time someone mentioned “Katrina,” well lets just say I would be so liquored up that I could not find my laptop! I have had an enormously warm welcome from all my neighbors. I already have a small Rolodex of phone numbers, in case I need anything. This neighborhood is mixed with retirees and families. I’ve already got the lowdown on which houses were hit hardest. This subdivision is very woodsy, so many trees came down on houses & then they were partially ruined from water damage as a result of that.

My gut instinct is that they all became “better” neighbors after the hurricane. It seems they realized they needed to help each other & lean on each other. Some houses even became the 5:00 happy hour havens. As a military vagabond family, who never lived near “family,” this is such a pleasant surprise. You see, when you move or (PCS permanent change of station), to a military community, you have instant bonding with your neighbors. They are all in the same “boat” as you & you don’t hesitate to pass out your new number or borrow a cup of sugar.

I feel we may have found our “forever” landing spot. We all fit right in and have already been invited over to the neighbor’s “bar” that opens at 5:00 each day. It is not about the alcohol either, it is the, relax, pour yourself a glass of wine and get to know us attitude. Sorry Oklahoma, though I leave behind some fond memories, it is the general attitude I can already see that makes this want to be my permanent home. I don’t seem to be measured by “which church” I attend, but that I am a neighbor & neighbors help neighbors.

Maybe I need to roll out the bar and welcome everyone over to unpack my boxes!!!

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