I just drove child #2 to school after his morning of a “pretend stomach ache” to avoid who knows what from his new school. I decided to drive by the neighborhoods in Old Mandeville where I truly wanted to buy a house.  We were considering a house 4 blocks back from the Lake that did not receive any hurricane damage.

I was really pushing for this really cool house that was surrounded by a neighborhood of abandoned shacks.  I figured a block party would be really simple to organize & nobody would bug me for a cup of sugar.  But my main thought was, the rebirth will start on Lakeshore Drive with the pricier houses & then eventually sprawl back to the 4th street up from the lake.

It was really sad to see so much of the damage still prevalent & so many “which were once” beautiful homes abandoned.  For now, I am very happy with my choice of a “further inland” home.  Flood Zone “C,” where we qualified for the “almost” $5,000 a year “almost” Fair Plan.  I am still drooling over that house & when we hit the lottery I will go buy that whole dang street & develop it (ya right – I can’t even finish setting up this house).

When I find my USB cable & camera I will start including pictures in my posts.