Wednesday is hubby’s “late day” at work – another excuse not to cook.  I have been eying this little strip mall sign almost directly across the street.  I loaded the kids in the car & sent son#1 in to get the menu & then I would go get some cash & make some dinner decisions.

When he opened the door – I was pleasantly surprised by this adorable little restaurant (I also saw that they take Visa-chaching).  The little ones split a Chicken Katsu dinner that came with soup, salad & fried rice – bonus! I studied the sushi menu & the wonderful waitress came over to explain stuff to me.  Since #1 son digs California Rolls, I figured I’d get him out of his comfort zone.  I won’t let him eat raw fish – so only cooked.  Another bonus – it was “Roll happy hour.”  From 5-6 every day it is buy one roll get one 1/2 off.  I ended up with 4 rolls & everyone tried something on the plate.  I even have leftovers (lunch tomorrow – yeeha).  The meal came to $30 which wasn’t too bad – but not fast food price either.  Then again – I loathe fast food! Each kid even tried a pice of “crab” from a roll.  They wanted to know what Mr. Krabbs would taste like!

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  1. Good for you! We love sushi. For as adventurous as hubby and I are and child #3, the 2 older ones take after my family and are very picking eaters. I keep trying and keep failing! The other 3 of us, we go out by ourselves often.

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