Since this blog readership is slowly picking up, I’ll put myself out on a limb here & tell you why I started it. My thoughts were, when I moved to Mandeville, I would become a positive spokesperson for the city, the Parish, the Northshore, the state. I want to share my experiences with others and encourage them to come to LA (no politics here). I guess I would be someone who promotes growth, tourism & a positive attitude for her new home. I have spoken to Mayor Price (of Mandeville) & proposed my plan, to be his mouthpiece, share information, share the local flavor, highlight businesses, local artists, events…yadayadayada. As a veteran blogger, I am fully aware that almost all bloggers, with few exceptions, do not get paid. So here is your opportunity to chime in readers, what do you think about this idea? Do you think the locals would catch on to the idea of a positive & informational blog in the area? Do you think that if the mayor put me on his payroll (hint hint) that I could promote positive growth and camaraderie in the area? Could I make new people feel welcome and bring something unique to this community? Does my writing style make you feel at home with me – like you know me in real life? Come on ….don’t be shy.

Update: Don brought up a good point about why the Mayor’s office would hire me, when I am currently writing this blog for free. The point of me being on the payroll, is for the Mayor Price to feed me information that I can write about. I set up the blog to show him that I mean business. If I don’t get on his payroll (sniff sniff) then this blog may have a sudden death or a tragic twist of content (LOL)!

3 Replies to “Mayor Price where are you?”

  1. I am very comfortable with your writing style and know that you will suceed (and brighten the area).

    I’m not a local, but I would not want my mayor paying a blogger with city funds. If they have info for the public, they can put out a press release for all media including bloggers. Promote tourism with a group hired to do just that. Some blogger or news outlet having the ‘inside track’ gives me the creeps.

  2. Greta, I think it’s a great idea. A blog is an excellent (and cheap) vehicle for communicating with a diverse group of people. With your energy and talent this could be a great way for others (new and old) to get to know your city.

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