Hubby ran into an old Army buddy of his who happens to be dating a local gal. We were invited over to her adorable house in Metairie today. She still has some post-Katrina work to do – but is feeling at home and I adore the local flavor used to decorate her house. I can’t wait to buy some local art. Yes, I love the Blue Dog & bright colored art!!!

We felt very welcomed & the kids got their first “crawfish peeling lesson” they also got to pick grapefruit, oranges & lemons from the trees! The kids also got to see & play with the little suckers before & after they were boiled. Corn on the cob, onions, sausage, crawfish, potatoes, artichokes & spices..all put together in a bog pot & boiled. The food was dumped on a big table lined with paper for everyone to dig in. I tried one – but with so many shellfish allergies – I don’t dare!