When we decided to move to LA, all I could dream about was all the fun political stuff I could dive into & write about. After all, there is no state than has been more scrutinized in the news lately than LA (with my home state of MA-ass a close second)! I decided I would try and have the Mayor of my hometown – Eddie Price, hire me to be a positive voice for the community. I am a genuinely positive person and also am very interested in the local beat/scene! I held off on politics because I thought I might be able to score a paycheck from blogging (odds were close to Slim & None & Slim left town). Whateva – I am over it…now to dive into the fun stuff along with my adventures & positive outlook on the local scene.

Here is a topic for you – teacher shortage in NOLA. Yes, I am a certified teacher & felt so sorry for the poor kids going without teachers that I e-mailed the school system – TWICE! On the on-line application it asked to let them know if I was willing to teach before the end of this school year – I answered YES! It also instructed me to write “Certified” in the subject line if I was a Certified teacher. About a week later I get a mass e-mail to attend a general meeting for teaching for the Fall 2007 year. No personal e-mail, no phone calls of desperation. I guess they either 1. Are so disorganized they can’t sort through potential candidates or 2. they really don’t need teachers. I would speculate that the appropriate answer would be #2. What say you?

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