This is my plea to someone, anyone to link this blog to the front page of (where they nicely list blogs for free). The below blurb has been on the front page of the forums section for a long time & I have e-mailed the Editor several times.

Are you a North Shore resident with a passion for what’s going on in your hometown? Do you keep an eye out for news, announcements or human interest topics. Do you have a special interest in a specific issue of importance to St. Tammany as a whole, or your town in particular? is launching a new feature next week, designed to focus on the North Shore, and to give residents a place to tell their own story. If you’re interested in contributing – as a blogger, an occasional contributor, a government agency or organization, please write Editor Jon Donley. NOLA will provide tools and training.

Update: Jon Donley gets a written excuse from me. Mardi Gras is a valid excuse – at least it is here!