Had to share the good news with my 5 regular readers (hi mom & Cotillion friends). This is the first time in my life all the kids are in school all day. Last semester my kindergartner only went 1/2 day, but since we moved here from OK in January- JACKPOT – full day. Time to face the “what do I want to do when I grow up” question. I truly refuse to grow up as I can often be seen riding a Razor scooter down the street. Anyhoo, back to the story.

1. Job blogging for the Mandeville Mayor’s office – It has been over a month now & no official response – I would take that as a no, but you never know if a no is really a no until someone says no!
2. back to teaching – teachNOLA blew me off & I was only willing to do that just to help out, not for a dying urge to get back to the classroom (actually gymnasium – PE/health teacher)
3. Athletic training – let the certification go since I got this dang latex allergy- next
4. Professional Organizing – I have been doing this my whole life & not getting paid for it. Do I start a business the “right” way or just put something on Craigslist & see what I get? Well I already had 1 job & 2 more nibbles from my Craigslist ad. I bought the .com for “This Mess is A House” and will be plugging away at that for a while.
5. Freelance Writing – Writing is another passion, why the heck not? So I applied for a local job. Here is the cool part, I have my first gig as a “freelance writer” for Inside Northside this week. This is the whole bursting with excitement thing you were holding your breath for this entire post!

They sent me a copy of the magazine today & I am honored that they even considered me, because all they had to go off was this blog & my others. It is truly a classy, gorgeous, & polished publication. Art, cool shops, restaurants, shopping , culture, soceity- what more could a girl want?

My first interview will be with the owner of a new store in Old Covington (which I haven’t even been to yet). Please someone; hide my Visa card & checkbook before I venture out there!

I NEVER want to move again & I think this is a pretty good start for 5 weeks in town. Now, if I could just talk Inside Northside into letting me start a blog for them….hmmmm…..!!!

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  1. Hi Greta,

    Make that 6 regular readers! I have been anxiously reading every update on your new blog. Congratulations on the Inside Northside interview – I can’t wait to see it! Miss you.

  2. You also still have some friends from OK that check up on you frequently. I wish I could figure out how to make the alternate theme permanent, and then I would check in daily.

  3. Your are great. I personally think you should “chill out” for a while, but you have entirely too much energy for that. Take care of my kids.

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