OK – so far you’ve been reading and have had the joy of experiencing my positive,
a-political, Mrs. Nice persona. You probably realize that I lean to the right politically, with some libertarian views & if you Google me, you will find out everything about me (so Orwellian & I have nothing to hide, even in my freezer). On with the story…

As I was sipping on my Starshmucks Latte’ and listening to Neal Boortz on the radio, I had to control my gag reflex for just a minute and as my friend Right Girl would say, “I had a little throw-up in my mouth.” Has all Nancy Pelosi’s blood rushed out of her tiny head due to all her facelifts? Maybe Botox has permanently damaged her brain cells. One of those fifth graders on TV could pick a better candidate. Seriously, if William Jefferson is under investigation for having money in his freezer, find at least someone who isn’t “obviously” corrupt to share our Homeland Security secrets. Did she spin the South Park Wheel of Fortune & Jefferson’s name appeared?

I’ve got to go crack a cold one and get my BP down.
Update : Michelle Malkin has more so does Outside the Beltway (watch & laugh), Times Picayune talks about her vote “delay”

One Reply to “Please wake me when Pelosi isn’t in charge”

  1. She is afraid of the Congressional Black Caucus, who is ticked at her for removing him from the Appropriations committee.

    The Ethics committee should have removed him from Congress altogether

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