Hubby says: “Let’s go out to eat.”
Me: “I keep passing the cutest restaraunt that is a cool house off of 190. I haven’t heard anything about it so let’s go try.”

After a long day at the pool with the kiddos; we drove less than a mile to this adorable house/cafe. I always tell my Hispanic daughter that she is my “mamcita” when I am sick or have a headache. In translation, it means “little mama.” I had no idea that the platos would be “platocitos” – little plates/portions. The ambience was cute & we stuffed our family into some quaint (little- or mueblecitas) tables in the corner. The food was good, but it would be more of a lunch choice for me. I can’t remember the last time we went for Mexican food and all our plates were cleaned!

For a family of 5, 2 beers and a top-shelp Margarita – bill was $42. Not too shabby, but I know hubby was still hungry as was #1 son. Good service, good food, small portions, decent chips & salsa, great Margarita. I think I will hit there next time on a Tuesday for the 2fer Margarita special – yum!

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  1. I don’t know what you got there that was small portions. When I went to Mi Mamcita’s, I took over half of my plate home. Please say hi to daughter for me. I’m her ex-K teacher if you don’t recognize the name.

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