Rouse’s is my favorite; had the best selection of King Cakes and they now have Vitamin Water conveniently located everywhere (yay). Why would I write about a grocery store? Because, painfully as a mother I must go there – often. Rouse’s is a very nice store and I prefer it over Winn Dixie. Wal-Mart prices are the best, but it is a further drive and I end up buying other stuff and spend way too much money. Sav-A-Center – does nothing for me and The Fresh Market is incredible but $$$$$$!!!

Like I have bragged before, people here are very friendly. The one place I notice they are not, is if they work in the grocery store. I have rarely exchanged a smile with a cashier or employee and nobody has even asked me if I needed help. Whatsupwiththat? Owners, managers, if you are reading this, time for some team building and happy music and dances for your employees. I hate spending my money in a store of drones!