We moved to Mandeville at the end of January. One huge difference here is, “my kids are in school ALL DAY.” No more half-day kindergarten for this mom. Now I can actually do other things besides going to playgrounds and story times. I haven’t earned a penny in 11 years (son #1 will be 11 soon) until today – yippee!!! I conducted my first interview for Inside Northside as a freelance writer. I had the pleasure of sharing Bucky’s with Pamela Daudert who owns a drapery business called “First Curtain Call”(love the name). We chatted for an hour and I am sure we will cross paths again. What a neat lady!

Then I went to the Barlow Art Gallery to begin my quest to own a real live painting! Connie was working and I just adored her. I got her whole “Katrina” story and my heart went out to her. I liked the vivid bright colors of The French Quarter done in acrylics that were priced at $2400. Maybe someday I’ll work up to that, but for now I will probably have to settle for a local “starving to death” artist!

The exciting news is that March 31st is an art festival in Old Mandeville. Maybe I’ll bring some food and exchange it for a painting to a “starving artist.”

I’ll be posting later tomorrow as I have another home organizing job for my new business “This Mess is a House.”

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  1. Hey I cannot help but jump in here. The angel I’m married to is not starving, but she is an artist.
    whenpigsflystudio.com Sometimes she gives away paintings also would sell for a reasonable donation to a bonafied charity. Hers is a labor of love not a business. While she does somtime make an outright sale I don’t tkink all her sales combined would total $2800.00
    If you visit her site I know she would appreciate a few kind words of encouragement. Thanks.

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