I’ve been up since early this morning writing my articles for Inside Northside, conducting phone interviews, trying to ignore the ever growing pile of laundry, running stupid errands for hubby and trying to tell myself that sane moms don’t reach for a beer at 11 AM (no I haven’t). I can only run on coffee for so long, so I asked my neighbor to lunch. I was in the mood for a “big salad” (for you Seinfeld fans). She suggested Caffe’ Caffe’. It was in the same plaza where I had my “I paid so much for my hair coloring that I almost puked when I saw the bill” salon.

We both ordered the vegetable quiche and salads. I got a large iced Chai as I was having caffeine withdrawals from 10 minutes before. The food was great and will help me make it through the day for sure. They also have wireless – yippee!!! The desserts looked fabulous: chocolate cake with strawberries in between layers and vanilla icing, wedding cake by the slice (that is a new one for me), and a peanut butter pie. I graciously passed on dessert, though I will be having dreams about them tonight. This place is really cute and I will certainly return soon. What really caught my eye was the sign that said “Children must be seated.” Oh please – they are killing me – guess that rules my monsters out for that place!