* I love the people
* I love the weather
* I love the schools
* I love my neighborhood and neighbors
* I love meeting new people and hearing their stories
* I love this blog and my other one
* I love being upbeat and positive
* I love having a swimming pool again
* Of course I love my family (goes without saying)
* I love knowing that I don’t have to move again!
* I love freelance writing for Inside Northside
* I love the fact that I am the owner of my own business, doing what I love, organizing other people’s houses
* I love the name of my new business “This Mess is a House”

Watch out Northshore…Greta is going to share the love!!!

2 Replies to “Did I mention that I love my new home?”

  1. Get up here for a visit. Boy, do I need you to declutter. This place looks like a zoo, & it isn’t because of the 8 kitties. Miss my 9th kitty Toby. Can’t replace him, but might get another in time. One came from Florida, one from El Paso. Will the next be from New Orleans?

  2. Hi Greta. Nice to meet you. So glad you are in this area. I’m orginally from NJ, but moved to Mandeville with my husband who is from New Orleans(very long story). I love your positive attitude. I will share your website with my mom’s group(MOMS Club of Mandeville). I would love to meet you one day. I have an almost 2 year old boy. I do have a sister in Covington (she married my husband’s best friend…another long story). Anyway, I enjoy living here although I will always miss home, but it’s refreshing to hear from someone like you. Keep up the great work! I’ll be visiting frequently! Mena

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