* The UPS store in town has about the nicest owner, John Hamilton. I kibbitzed with his dad, who had stopped in for a quick hello to his son. He has had this store for 12 years and he already knows my name after 2 weeks of going there. He also has Lili’s artwork displayed
*CJ Ladner’s State Farm -Yesterday I interviewed CJ for Inside Northside. What an amazing woman is all I can say. I saw the Lili artwork at her office too.
* Laurie McCants of Honda Covington – I interviewed her today for the magazine as well. My mouth is hanging open with these successful woman.
* Tip n Toe Nails in Covington – once we somehow cleared up that they can’t use latex gloves on me (the owner speaks English), I was happy with a great pedicure for $25. Each client gets their own box of implements and they were very clean. For anyone who has lived out of state – it is great they use a razor here (my own sterile one)
* Yay – I found a new hairdresser that didn’t want to make me hurl when I saw the bill. I had the inkling of a feeling that I could possibly end up on the back of Glamour Magazine with one of those black lines over face. Why you may ask? Because the $180 hair-coloring salon – fried my hair and the root patrol was searching for me. I took a gamble after my pedicure & walked next door to Salon Calias. So happened, Rick Black’s client had canceled and he took me in for a cut and touch up color. $50 and you’ve got one helluva happy mom! Yay – I found a hairdresser!!! I even did some work while the color was sitting on. I hate to stop for me time.
* darn Charter cable was down all afternoon – I am beginning to despise them as they have been pretty unreliable for internet so far.
* I counted 11 kids in my pool this afternoon. I got to play mean lifeguard – LOL!!!

2 Replies to “Hair, Mail, Cars & Insurance”

  1. You little Miss NOLA you! LOL

    Let me know when Harry Connick Jr is in town. 😉

    I saw him in concert a few weeks ago, here in Huntsville; absolutely FANTASTIC!!

  2. Thought your hair looked absolutely great, but of course did not know anything about it being fried or roots. Easier to let mine go gray here, there & everywhere. Bothers you more than me. There still is plenty of brown. Seems like you have met some very interesting people. You also are back to having the usual pack of kids at your house. Glad you are the lifeguard. Suspect there will be some educating going on in New Orleans & suburbs about latex allergies. You have left every other place you’ve been better informed & probably saved a few lives you will never know about & of course your own.
    Love you,

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