No internet AGAIN this morning. My kids are complaining that their Webkinz and Neopets will die. I am complaining that I can’t answer my gazillion e-mails a day. Yes, some are actually important. Right now I am typing to you from CC’s Coffeehouse. Fercryingoutloud – bad enough I have to leave my house for the internet I am paying for, but now I had to buy a latte’ (yum) and find places that don’t charge for internet. Starschmucks just lost my business – why pay for the internet when I can get it for free at CC’s? Maybe I could just move in here, bring the dog, a pillow and promise to buy a couple of coffees a day…hmmmm…..

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  1. I’ve had issues with Charter in the past. You basically have to call the toll free number and ask to speak to the supervisor and/or ask them directly to have someone come out to your house to check your connection. Be sure to get a work order number and follow up if they don’t come out. This took me months to figure out and I don’t want you to go through the same thing.

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