The whole fam damily headed off in the family truckster for the monthly block party held in Downtown Covington (about a 15 minute drive). The former owners of our house bought a condo in walking distance from the main event, so we were meeting up with them as they graciously invited us to show us around their new community. We just figured we’d walk around and grab a bite to eat, casual Perry syle. Well, they (the Clarkes) had planned out the night to our surprise.

We parked our car on a side street and called Jan & Key (& their daughter home for a college visit, Kristen). They insisted that we walk down the road to their condo. When I tell you amazing, I mean amazing. This 3 story beauty with wood floors with a feel of the French Quarter captured as their balconies with Fleur de Lis iron overlooked the block party. Every detail planned out and executed flawlessly – then we enter with 3 wild kids – YIKES! They had never met our kids before & as none of them have a shy bone in their body – they immediately embraced them & vis-versa. They had planned a whole spread of food for us and had wine & beer and soda for the rugrats. The kids played on the elevator, we toured the place, filled our tummies, watched a rain-shower pass and then ventured out to the block party.

The main roads are barricaded, all the artsy stores, restaurants, cafes & bars had opened up and spread out into the street. It is kind of like a tailgate party with a whole town. There is no possible way you could not enjoy this event. The streets were lined with old cars as well as shiny new ones (show off cars). There was also a row of cool motorcycles that was eye candy for all of us. But even more amazing, the attitude and atmosphere that hubby and I could only describe as something you could not duplicate anywhere in America (& we have lived all over). Families walking around with kids in strollers, people walking around with a beer in their hand while socializing with old and new friends. Groups of teens and young adults ready to spend a night of good clean fun and the police socializing with the folks.

After a while our kids started “pumpkinizing” (you know, that point of they are so tired that they have maxed out & hurry up and leave before they make a scene). We were going to just head to the car and get out of Dodge, but the Clarkes insisted we stop back up to their pad. More surprises, a huge Easter basket filled with an amazing amount of candy (hide the peeps from me or I’ll eat them all) and beautiful cookies!

I guess everyone int this area embraces a good time, relishes in the local events and enjoy the people around them. Maybe that is why the rest of the world can’t understand why the devistation from Katrina was immeasurable. Even though Covington is about a 45 minute commute to the French Quarter, it has embraced the charm and character of the heart of New Orleans.