Really, I am fairly low maintenance woman. But a girl’s got to have new Spring clothes & I do love shopping at Prima Donna’s closet (fine consignment) in Metairie (no I am not getting paid to say this). Who doesn’t love a great bargain? I was fortunate that fabulous Stephanie (love the rest of the staff too) was there today. She makes the store work with her energy and eye for fashion! If the item doesn’t have the tag on it – it is in perfect condition. Amazing what people with money will buy and never wear or wear only once!!!

Stephanie remembered me after meeting me one time before. I tossed all my yucky & conservative clothes (some are on consignment & I made $8 already) from life as a military wife away and am ready to go back to my nutty roots – not too nutty & certainly not slutty – I am a mom after all. She gave me a dressing room & then I filled it up with clothes, in the meantime, Stephanie searched for clothes that I may have passed on but she knew would look good on me. I ended up with a couple of dresses, a skirt, shorts and a purse for about $100. But I really really wanted one of the Super Lucky Cat shirts. Stephanie – find one in my size for me & we’ll do lunch or coffee when I come to get it!!!!

As for the morning – took my kids plus 2 others to the Trailhead for the Farmer’s Market. Today there was their Easter extravaganza with free jumping balloons & Radio Disney. Later that afternoon was an art festival – but have a feeling the rain squashed that out. We could have stayed there all day, but my daughter’s teacher was reading at Barnes & Nobles & she had to be there. A school bookfair at B&N is a new concept for me. I’ve always worked Scholastic Fairs, but this was certainly less work! Then of course I wanted to have some mommy shopping time & freedom! Hubby and I try not to both be across the lake at the same time without kiddos. I know, I worry too much, but that is my job! Tired and babbling….SNL & Mad TV & then bed!

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  1. What are those cat shirts? If they are cute, you know I have to add them to my collection. It feels very empty in the house with just 8 cats now, since we lost our precious, sweet Toby. Of course, your dad is in the house, but it isn’t the same as having a cat.

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