Really I don’t have any deep thoughts yet, because my coffee IV has a kink in it this morning. The countdown until the rugmonsters go on Spring Break is on (2 more days) and baseball season has started for my oldest child. The parents on #1 son’s baseball team were just wonderful, friendly, chatty etc… I am sensing a social pattern here in LA & I like it. I gave the group an edumacation about blogging. Amazing that so many 30-40 something parents are completely in the dark on the whole blog sub-culture. The scary part, is that their kids probably have a MySpace, with a map to their house posted on it and a group of friends who post pictures that would not be acceptable in the family album. And speaking of MySpace – sorry – not my thing. My dear friend who I just left behind in Oklahoma, just started getting into it. I was forced to create a new account and be her “friend” (just kidding). She is having a blast with it so I am really glad for her. But let me tell you, her page scares the tar out of me. She has way too much info and personal photos of her beautiful family. Maybe I am just cautious or maybe I have been immersed in this culture for so long that I truly understand the ramifications for putting out TMI (too much information). Not that I don’t have a ton of info out there, but I try and stay away from pictures of my kids up close and personal for whackos to enjoy (sad to say there are so many). Anyhoo, off to do 2 million things while I have kids in school. Now to straighten the coffee IV tube out!

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  1. I agree with you about not having too much info about yourself, particularly since you have kids. I blog under my real name, which itself might be a bit dangerous, since I frequently post about radical Islam, but I figure what the heck, if a jihadist wants to go to all of the trouble to track me down, let him. I will just see Jesus faster than I otherwise might, and then I can ask Him what I can do to help Him when he returns (which I suspect may be sooner than many suspect).

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