I loooove being outside, don’t mind mowing the lawn, cleaning the pool, getting dirty, but I have NEVER EVER developed a love for gardening. My only exception, is the roses that I loved and nurtured in El Paso, while simultaneously killing cactus (really). Now I face a landscaped home with years of plant love from the previous owners. I can barely identify one plant in the yard and as of today, there is a pile of dead stuff that once was alive and covering mailbox. I told the previous owners that I will probably kill all their gorgeous gardens in record time. They told me I needed to be more concerned about all the stuff that will grow in the garden in addition to the real plants. Ya right. I need a yard boy gardener to help me out and while I’m dreaming, a pool boy pool maintenance person and a maid too!

For the record – Charter was down again this morning grrrrrrr!