The rugmonsters don’t have school today – or all of next week. I skim and I search and have yet to find someplace with an clearinghouse for a calendar of events. I mean, the moron guide, where you pick a date and then venue and it spits out ALL the events in the state! Someone please create this now!!! I see that there are 3 parades in New Orleans on Sunday and after that I am at a loss on creative ways for interacting with the area this Spring Break. We have a ton of exploring to do, parks to see and the standard stuff – like zoo, aquarium etc… Inside Northside has a decent calendar of events for the immediate area, has them – but they are all over the place and you have to dig dig dig to find what you are looking for. If I wanted to make a killing, I would start a website that ONLY is for events, festivals etc…But I have enough on my plate – really! is not taken…so many more names running through my head — YIKES!