Is your glass half-full or half-empty? Are you pessimistic or optimistic about the future of New Orleans and the surrounding areas? When you hear about someone moving to the area, do you think they need to have their head examined or embrace them? Well, take it from this newbie – this is a land of opportunity and my family has been embraced by the area and the people!

The bait is being thrown out from many groups, organizations & companies, with the hopes of luring people to come here and take advantage of the opportunities. The negative press and negative images can easily be erased from one’s brain once they come here with an open attitude and willingness to assimilate. There is nowhere else in the world where the people work really hard, enjoy life, family and friends and have a good time!!! The people here seem to know the secret to the personal balance of life & that makes our family fit right in!

Let’s put it this way, in January of this year I was living in Oklahoma (our final active duty station). I was proud to be a stay-at-home mom with degrees in my back pocket. I put my brain to work when I moved here (finally after 11 years of staying home with kids). I felt an energy and rejuvination to go forth and be part of this wonderful area! Now I am freelancing for Inside Northside magazine, freelance blogging for, taking ads on my “local flavor” blog – Kiss My Gumbo and starting a home organization business catering to the Northshore. All the pieces are falling into place for myself and my wonderful family. We love it here and are taking complete advantage of all this area has to offer.

Maybe we should keep this as our little secret – we don’t want everyone moving here!

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